Kinesiology is the science of human movement. It is the study of how nutrition, lifestyle, and physical activity impact the cellular structure of the body. The activities involved in kinesiology are intended to release stress and improve your health, wellbeing, and mood. They are often intertwined with services offered by a chiropractor. At New Canaan Chiropractic, we have been sharing the benefits of kinesiology with residents of CT and NY for many years. Read on to learn more about kinesiology and its relationship with chiropractic care.  


What Does a Kinesiologist Do?

A kinesiologist is sometimes referred to as a human movement professional. They focus on helping others apply the principles of physiology, anatomy, and more to improve their overall quality of life. Every practicing kinesiologist is required to have a four-year degree for the foundational knowledge. However, most specialize in specific fields, such as workplace ergonomics or athletic training. Some focus on one specialization while others focus on several.  

Benefits of Kinesiology

Anyone can gain an advantage from kinesiology. The purpose is to help the patient’s body function at the highest possible level. This will be achieved through a combination of therapies tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Some of the most notable benefits of kinesiology include:

  • Increase muscle strength and endurance
  • Improve coordination, balance, and overall control of the body
  • Increase mobility of the joints
  • Exercise training
  • Relaxation
  • Improved respiratory movement
  • A deeper grasp of the senses

Many people seek kinesiology services for injury rehabilitation. A kinesiologist can help with active rehabilitation to repair muscle imbalances while teaching proper movement, helping each patient reach a healthy outcome. Sometimes, kinesiology patients simply want to improve their overall wellbeing for a better life. Others are athletes or are hoping to become athletes and want their bodies in good shape. Whether you have experienced some form of an injury or just want to gain optimal usage of your body, kinesiology can help you get there. 

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Sometimes, the only way to know the full benefits of something is to try it yourself. No matter what health goals you have in mind, Dr. Williams will help you meet them. For more information on kinesiology or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams, call New Canaan Chiropractic today at (203) 966-9777.


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